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Animal Justice Fund

Just a quick note on the Animal Justice Fund, administered by SAFE, funded from Jan Cameron’s (founder of the hugely-successful outdoor equipment company, Kathmandu) fortune which allocates $2 million for whistleblowers. Between $5 000 and $30 000 can be awarded in each instance that leads to a successful prosecution or ‘significant animal welfare outcome.’

To date, at least six workers have ‘dobbed in’ bosses for animal cruelty. But none want to accept the reward.

All were for dairy farms and piggeries. None of the workers were still employed by the farms they were laying complaints against, so the cases and information are considered ‘historical’ and hence a low priority for investigation. Four of these cases were referred to MAF. According to SAFE’s Hans Kriek:

Paddocks were in bad shape, there were stones and lame cows. There were high mortality rates amongst calves. Dying animals were being left to rot in paddocks.¬†With the pig farms we had the usual complaints … that the conditions were terrible and enclosures weren’t cleaned out and the animals were standing a foot deep in their own muck.

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Review: SAFE Event – Animals in Entertainment

Yesterday, I attended the SAFE event at the Auckland Museum entitled ‘Speaking for Animals on Show‘, set up for the purpose of launching the group’s newest educational initiative: the Animals on Show resource, the third in the Animals and Us series of resources designed to reach secondary school students and encourage their interest in human-animal studies.

The event itself was very well put together, and had three notable speakers: (1) Jeffrey Masson, Auckland based author on animal issues who spoke on animal emotions and the importance of respecting animal needs in making decisions about them; (2) Nichola Kriek, SAFE’s education officer, who was the co-creator of the Animals on Show resource and talked about how it was developed and its purpose, and (3) Michael Apted, Hollywood director of Gorillas in the Mist and other notable films.

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