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Links Roundup: ‘Quick, let’s do some research!’ Edition

Rainbow Warrior, bombedLet’s just start with something that isn’t totally about animal rights.  Some of you might remember me linking to GreenIsTheNewRed articles about non-violent activists being labelled terrorists.  Well, things are at a bit of the 180 now.  An English member of the European Parliament, Godfrey Bloom, has congratulated the French spies who bombed the Rainbow Warrior in the Waitemata Harbour. John Key PM refused to comment.

And we expect the government to gettoughon animal welfare?  John, I’m appalled.

  • Meanwhile, as Bloom celebrates the sinking of a Greenpeace vessel and Key dithers, Japanese whalers have again rammed a Sea Shepherd vessel in the Southern Ocean.
  • Oh, and whaling isn’t the only animal-based ‘research’ that doesn’t really…work.
  • For example, Iran has launched ‘a rodent, turtles and worms to 500 kilometres above the Earth‘.  Apparently, this will either help Iran launch astronauts into space, or…launch ballistic missiles.  I’m not entirely sure how orbital animals could be weaponised…
  • But we need ‘research’, or else we wouldn’t have worked out all the great things we can do to meat before it hits the supermarket.
  • Gary Francione has posted numerous excellent pieces recently.  He has: Continue reading