Animal Law

  • Animal Blawg: One of the inspirations for the Solution 1.0, AnimalBlawg is one of the longest-running animal law blogs, maintained by Professor David N Cassuto of Pace Law School, near New York City.
  • Animal Legal Defence Fund: Since 1979, the ALDF has campaigned to enforce anti-cruelty laws, and now has hundreds of dedicated lawyers seeking to end animal abuse through legal means.
  • Voiceless Law Talk: Voiceless, one of Australia’s key animal rights groups, operates this forum for discussion of animal law issues and animal rights.

Animal Rights

  • The Abolitionist Approach: Gary Francione’s blog, in which he advances his uncompromisingly rational approach to a vegan world.
  • Change.org’s Animal Rights Blog: The group-blog has some interesting articles on rights and welfare issues.  Change.org also has blogs on environmental and human rights issues.
  • On Human-Nonhuman Relations: This blog takes a sociological approach to the instrumental use of animals by man, looking at things from a very interesting viewpoint.
  • Unpopular Vegan Essays: Just what it says on the tin: Essays about veganism without care for public opinion.


  • Frogblog: The Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand’s blog.
  • Green is the New Red: Comparing the current treatment of environmental and animal rights activists to the ‘Red Scare’ of the Cold War, this blog documents the American government’s crackdown.
  • Intersect: Purposeful Young Professionals: A social network focused on young New Zealanders who are concerned with ecology and social justice.
  • New Zealand Youth Delegation: Every year since Copenhagen, a group of young New Zealanders have strived to present a youth voice at the annual Conference of the Parties (climate change summit); this is their website.
  • Real Climate: Possibly the best source for scientific discussion of hard facts of climate change.
  • Worldwatch Institute: Insightful and intellectual discussion of ecological ideas and ways to move towards a more sustainable society.
  • 350.org: The grassroots movement against climate change launched by Bill McKibben.

Veganism in New Zealand

  • Angel Food: The source for vegan baking in New Zealand.
  • Auckland Vegan Blog: If you want to find new vegan-friendly cafes and treats in Auckland, read this blog.
  • Golden Age Vegan Restaurant: Auckland’s only vegan restaurant, focused on Chinese-style fake meats, and run by followers of the ‘Supreme Master’ Ching Hai (so if you’ve been to a Loving Hut overseas, you know what to expect).
  • HappyCow New Zealand: The New Zealand section of a worldwide database of vegetarian restaurants and health food stores.
  • NZ Vegan Podcast: This is an abolitionist podcast, heavily influenced by Gary Francione’s thought.
  • NZ Vegan Society: The vegan society, unsurprisingly.
  • NZ Vegetarian Society: You guessed it; has some useful resources for NZ vegans too.
  • Revive Cafe: A very healthy vegetarian cafe and salad bar; two branches in Central Auckland.
  • SAFE: New Zealand’s largest and most longstanding animal rights group.
  • SAFE’s Cruelty Free Shop: This webstore (and the bricks and mortar store in St Kevin’s Arcade on Karangahape Road) is the place to buy vegan food in New Zealand.
  • Vegan Zest for Life: Alice from Angel Food’s blog.

Veganism Generally

Vegan Recipes



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