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If you wish us to link to your website, promote your event, or assist your organisation, please email us, rather than using the comment feature.  We aim to assist others with similar goals, but don’t want to discourage discussion of our posts with off-topic material.  Likewise, if you think that we aren’t covering a topic that we should address, please email us.  We are happy to discuss new article ideas and new commentators – guest or permanent.

We do not pre-moderate or approve comments.  We do, however, filter all comments through a spam-filtering system; The spam-filtering technology isn’t perfect, so sometimes it can label legitimate  comments as spam.  If your comment doesn’t show up at first, it may be have been wrongly flagged as spam.  Don’t worry though, as we regularly check the spam filter, delete the spam, and approve any false positives caught in it.  You must include a real email address to comment.  That is to prevent spam and trolling.  Again, do not worry: We will keep it entirely confidential, will not add it to any kind of database, and will not spam you.

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