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Long Live the Solution

Welcome to the Solution 2.0

When we started this blog two years ago, we did not think we would still be writing for it now.  We hoped that SoLVe would attract new writers to the blog each year.  We hoped that this would become a self-sustaining student initiative.

That did not happen.  The Solution has been in limbo for the last four months.  As some of you no doubt know, the Society of Legal Vegans and Vegetarians was wound up at the end of 2010.  It had a good run, forging strong friendships, and opening a lot of students’ minds to vegan and vegetarian alternatives.  But, unfortunately, we failed to really pass the baton on.  No younger crop of vegan and vegetarian law students seized the reins.

So, we wondered: What about the blog?

We could have let it wither away, or stand as a memorial to a student group that was.

But we decided not to do that.  We took a leave of absence, and now we’re back.  Better looking, faster, cleaner. Welcome to the new Solution.  Of the five original writers, two remain.  The rest have left Auckland, for Canada, Latin America, and Wellington.

Things are a bit different around here.  The new look is the most obvious change.  The Solution has had a makeover.  A more subtle change lies below that though.  Vernon and I are no longer just writing about veganism and animal law.  We are writing about what we want to write about.  From the start, we have both seen veganism and ecology as intimately connected, so expect to see more about the environment here.  This isn’t a blog about animal law anymore – if it ever was.

This is the blog we want to write.  And we want to write about a finer world and the practical ways we can make that happen – like veganism.