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Another Fortnight, Another Links Digest

  • In shocking news, it’s not just animal welfare offences that the government plan to fix by raising maximum sentences: It’s assaults on police.  Experts disagree.  The same logic, of course, probably applies to animal welfare.
  • More coverage of the Swiss referendum on legal rights for animals:

The “No to the Useless Animal Lawyers’ Initiative” (yes, that’s actually the name of group) said, “Animal rights advocates are useless to animals. They can’t prevent animal abuse because they only get involved after it has been perpetrated.”

Is that how they feel about police officers? Child welfare and social services?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?”  Dr. King devoted his life’s work to causes of social justice and equality. In August 1994, the King Holiday and Service Act designated the King Holiday as a national day of volunteer service. Instead of taking a day off, Americans are challenged each year to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy by giving back to their community. So on January 18, please support the Animal Legal Defense Fund in its efforts to end animal suffering and abuse.

I’ve dropped six pounds without changing my exercise regimen (primarily commuting to work on foot), and my clothes are fitting more loosely. My energy level is flying high, and I find I’m needing fewer mid-day coffee pick-me-ups. And I’m sleeping better than in recent months, which is possibly related to the transition.

In the kitchen, I’m more excited by the cooking prospects than ever. I’ve made some wonderfully delicious dishes in the first few weeks of vegan cooking

A person who damages someone’s property (including animals) and fails to report the incident to the owner can be charged and fined up to $5000 under the Land Transport Act.

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