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Jail Sentence for Dog Fighting

In a first for New Zealand, a man has been sentenced to jail for dog fighting. He is to serve a 10 month sentence.

William Kain Campbell, a 25-year-old process worker, appeared in Porirua District Court today after earlier admitting seven charges of dog fighting and failing to seek treatment for the injured animals.

His most notorious act was to steal a 14-year old Ridgeback cross named Lincoln in order to use it as ‘bait’ for his own fighting pit bull, Dukes. Lincoln suffered deep lacerations to his body and head. He is still on medication for his injuries and his owners report that he exhibits negative behavioural effects from his ordeal.

Campbell was ordered to pay reparations of $4362.47 and banned for life from owning or caring for an animal.

Although dog fighting has been acknowledged as a scourge in parts of New Zealand, sentences have tended to be rather lenient. It is encouraging to see a jail sentence being imposed for a calculated act of cruelty such as this.

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Barrister. Founder of the Sustainable New Zealand Party. Lives in Auckland, New Zealand.


One thought on “Jail Sentence for Dog Fighting

  1. This is the tip of the iceberg with the extent that scums like this will go to.What a horrific thing to do for his ego trip while serving his sentence we wish him THE WORST TIME OF HIS ROTTEN LIFE

    Posted by jenny/john jarvis | 11 December 2009, 8:45 pm
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