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‘Great with Chicken, Fish, and Vegans’

I’ve now lived in New Zealand for almost nine years, and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen the word “vegan” appear in the New Zealand Herald – the country’s largest newspaper – in a positive light.

Imagine my surprise to wake up this morning to p A10 of the paper and see a good-sized advertisement with the heading “Great with chicken, fish and ‘vegans’.  Peering closer, I saw a picture of Oxford Landing chardonnay, like the one above.   The text states: ‘Vegetarians and vegans alike can enjoy a nice drop of Oxford Landing Estate.  While many wines contain animal based fining products like milk and egg whites, we prefer to make ours without.’

Without question, it’s the first ad I’ve ever seen from a ‘mainstream’ company targeting vegans as a group.  While I’m wary of drawing too big a conclusion from this, I do think it’s a very positive development.  If vegans comprise a big enough purchasing group to warrant an ad in a major newspaper, we’re headed in the right direction.  Good on ya, Oxford Landing!

On a related note, expect to see lots of Oxford Landing wine at my upcoming birthday party!


2 thoughts on “‘Great with Chicken, Fish, and Vegans’

  1. Awesome! I’ll buy a bottle just to support someone who chooses to support vegans 🙂

    Jordan Wyatt

    Posted by Jordan Wyatt | 9 December 2009, 4:26 pm
  2. Hi there, I write a blog about wine myself. This was a good read because interestingly enough I have written articles both on Oxford Landing Estate Chardonnay (http://iwineo.id.au/2011/07/25/two-loves/) and on Fining agents in wine (http://iwineo.id.au/2011/05/26/something-fishy/) which you might find an interesting read to learn more.

    Posted by Rhiannon, iWINEo | 1 October 2011, 4:59 pm
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